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New Committee Members.

Are you a member of the MS Society and one of our valued volunteers? If so and you are interested, our AGM is coming up in April and we have to nominate (or re-elect) new or current committee members and officers. Many of our current committee members have MS which is obviously an unpredictable condition, and, without being discriminatory we really need some extra people who are able-bodied to help with some of the more demanding physical tasks required. If you think you fit the bill, contact any committee member and they will let you have more details. Our monthly meetings are held in Newport on the last Weds of each month at 5.00pm so you would need to be available then'.


At some point, every day, you empty your pockets before taking off your trousers. You put the car keys on the sideboard or hall table and chuck a handful of 'small change' into a pot, piggy bank or an old cup. I have a little tub on the sideboard where my wife rummages about looking for one pound coins of fifty pence pieces to pop to the corner shop with. I don't know what our female friends do. Do your purses get fat with coppers and those annoying little five pence things? (They used to be called shillings when I was a lad). I suspect they get put into charity boxes on the counters in shops, maybe.

Small change

Well - when some of the committee were sat around with blank minds, there was lots of empty space where ideas could germinate, - and one did!
If we asked every member to put all that old change in a box, in no time at all, there would be a reasonable sum in there. The cogs started working, slowly at first, then began to speed up. If every member put in just thirteen pence a day (on average), that would amount to £50 over a year. We have already agreed what a irritation the small change is, so - that nuisance would become SEVEN THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS if all our members used the little box idea.

The boxes will be included with your newsletter, and further supplies can be obtained from the MS shop or by asking at any of our socials.

How about asking visitors to empty their worthless change into your box, or better still get them to take a box home. They will appreciate it when their trouser pockets last longer!

PS. No committee member has yet been able to assemble the collecting boxes in less than 15 minutes, so please don' ask them to help!

Pound sign

Funds Available - Reminder
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The committee would like to make it clear that there are funds available for anything you feel would help make your life easier. It could be a contribution to a holiday, a day trip, mobility aid etc.
Anything that helps you is money well spent. Contact any committee member in confidence - you will find phone numbers in our contacts page.

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