Wherever possible, we strive to help people with MS with transport. We have to have a policy for this support in place to ensure that we can help most of the people fulfill their transport needs.
The transport policy is detailed below, but please don't be put off by that. If you are having difficulty with transport, chat to a
coordinating team member and they will do their best to find a solution.

The Isle of Wight Group of the Multiple Sclerosis society will endeavor to help with the cost of transport for all people diagnose with multiple sclerosis. Transport arrangements will be in line with following terms and conditions.


Essential Journeys.
These are defined as travel for people diagnose with MS and requiring transport to and from any medical or respite appointment.

Qualifying Journeys.
These are transport to events approved by the committee. For example socials or therapy appointments

Wheelchair dependant.
A person who would experience difficulty transferring from their wheelchair.

Main considerations

1. All transport costs will be considered by the committee member responsible for transport. Each request for assistance will be considered individually.
2. If costs of transport is approved, then applicant will make their own arrangements with the transport supplier.
3. No transport can be paid for unless approved. Payment cannot be claimed retrospectively
4. Qualifying journeys will be paid for on accounts with approved companies.
5. Persons who demonstrate a need will qualify to have Optio annual subscription paid for by the branch.
6. Optio journeys will then be arranged and booked by each individual and paid for by them.
7. Wheelchair dependant members have full taxi fares paid for essential and qualifying travel.

Qualifying persons will have their Optio subscription paid for by the branch. Each person would be responsible for booking and paying for Optio trips. Each trip would be under the terms and conditions of 'Optio'. Carers need not be members of the Optio scheme and will be carried free of charge. Optio may change their terms and conditions at any time.

When and if Optio are unable to accommodate members then for essential journeys, we pay for taxi.
The committee reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions at any time. They may withdraw the Transport Policy at any time. Decisions made about any subsidized travel are entirely at the discretion of the committee.